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Taking Student Learning to the Next Level

Research shows that classroom ergonomics such as light, color, sound enhancement, temperature and design can both improve or hinder the learning performance of students depending on how these elements are structured. For example, a good lighting system that provides appropriate brightness can help students stay focused. Similarly, a poor lighting system can damage the student’s eyesight. Therefore, it’s paramount for educational systems to make sure that the ergonomics of their classroom environment are well-designed, fostering student learning. When it comes to school AV systems and sustainable lighting solutions, we take the lead. We are the leading choice among educational institutions for providing school audio visual solutions.

Professional Audio

In large classrooms and auditoriums, proper sound systems are a must because it is often difficult for students at the back to hear and understand the educator. With properly designed and installed sound systems in classrooms, educators can deliver lectures with high impact and clarity to all students.

Stage Lighting

We strive to offer school lighting systems that support educational objectives, and simultaneously promote student concentration, performance and comfort. Our flexible lighting solutions allow educators to tune LED lights to the desired hue that successfully meets student’s learning needs. The proper brightness in classrooms also keeps students alert, energized and focused.

Video Conferencing

To create an interactive and engaging learning environment, consider installing video systems in classrooms. Lectures supported with visual content help advance student learning procedures, enable them to grasp new concepts and ideas quickly for a longer period, and more importantly, rich & colorful computer based graphics keep the students engaged.

Acoustical Consulting

Noises from the corridor, adjacent spaces and of children playing in the playground outside the classroom distract and disturb students inside the building. It hinders their learning and makes it hard for them to focus. This is where our acoustical consulting can truly help you. We can provide you with the best advice and assistance on how to make your classrooms sound proof.


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    Sergey Ivannikov, Founder & CEO

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