Audio Visual & Lighting design and installation in Bars, Restaurants and Clubs


For Perfect Nightlife Experience, Tap into a New Generation of Nightclub Audio Visual Technology

To become the top choice of nightclub goers, focus on enhancing your nightclub’s ambience. Make it more contemporary and hip by installing the latest generation of nightclub audio visual technology like LED lighting, video and sound systems. When installing these technologies, it is important to keep factors like the color temperature of lights, ceiling profile and shape of the room in consideration to ensure the lighting & audio video system is installed without sacrificing quality or cutting corners. This is what we specialize in! As a team of experienced audio technicians and electrical engineers, we design, build and install audio video systems while maintaining their functionality, aesthetics and acoustics.

Professional Audio

Our engineering team works with you to create a high impact and HD sound system that matches your nightclub’s building design and ensures that it keeps people in your club dancing and grooving to the beats. To achieve this, we pay full attention to factors like personal on stage monitor mixes, digital mixing & controls and high-quality recording.

Stage Lighting

From designing flexible lighting solutions to ensuring strategic placement of lights, we create the perfect nightclub ambience to get people in the mood to shake a leg. Our flexible lighting solutions allow you to adjust and change lighting according to the tunes being played by the DJ.

Multimedia and Video

We provide you with top of the line video equipment like high-resolution projection screens to produce cutting edge visuals. These systems provide excellent visual entertainment, enhancing the overall clubbing experience. It keeps people entertained for long hours. These can be used to produce interesting computer based graphical images to create a lively ambience, and play song videos with lyrics.

Acoustical Consulting

Our architectural design team provides you with cost-effective material placement designs to help you shape your nightclub acoustics as needed. We make sure that there are no latent echoes or hollow spaces, delivering the quality of musical expression that you desire.


  • Right Choice Pro Audio & Lighting provided excellent service at our 10,000 people event – Olympic Celebration at CalExpo.
    Their experienced team was very easy to work with. You can tell they put a lot of effort and pride into everything that they do.
    I would recommend them to anyone needing sound services for a concert or event.
    Amy Tong
    Amy Tong

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