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Empowering Businesses for Success with Advanced Audio Visual Solutions

To stay competitive in today’s overly competitive corporate world, businesses must adopt new technological solutions. It’s the best way to improve business efficiency and performance as it helps create an interconnected business environment through unified communication. And this is what we are known for!

We offer full-scale and the highest quality of custom designed audio visual conference room systems to businesses. From system design to installation, we can assist you with it all. We strive to transform conference rooms. We empower you with the latest sound and video systems so that you can communicate better and effectively with your clients, customers and team.

Professional Audio

Without a proper sound system, you can never be confident that your message is being delivered effectively to everyone attending the conference. In a large conference room, if you want to be heard by all, it is important that you invest in a good sound system that offers HD clarity. And this is what we specialize in. We provide you with sound systems that are combined with precision of speech, and vocal clarity.

Stage Lighting

Specializing in conference room lighting, we can offer you the perfect lighting system according to your needs and requirements. Additionally, we can also help you place lights in such a way that it enhances communication between the speakers and the audience. We make sure that your light system is properly integrated with your architectural facility design and media systems so that the lighting doesn’t bleed on projection screens.

AV and Conferencing Systems

To make a strong impression on clients, and help them better understand your ideas; consider using conference room videos systems. Visual content really helps deliver verbal content with a greater impact. We can provide you with high-resolution projection screens and multi-camera systems for optimal viewing and achieving desired results.

Acoustical Consulting

To ensure that there are no disturbances from the external environment during crucial conferences and meetings, benefit from our acoustical consulting services. We can provide you with cost-effective sound isolation solutions for controlling the transfer of noise. We make sure that external noises don’t intrude on your conference room activities and discussions.


  • We opened new restaurant with untypical space shape. We needed to have the same sound volume in different parts of the room. Thanks Jen for desiging and installing professional solution which expect our needs.

    Slavic Trinity Church

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