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Convey the Message of Salvation with a Greater Impact through a Dynamic Worship Experience

In today’s fast paced world, church attendees are often seen texting, talking or working on their phones during congregations. Since their attention is divided, the impact of the sermon is lost. Though you can’t stop people from using their phones but you can most certainly transform your worship space to create an engaging preaching environment, much needed to convey the Message of Salvation with a greater impact. This is what we can help you with.

We offer you complete church audio visual design and installation solutions under one roof. Our areas of specialization include church sound systems, lighting, video and acoustical consulting. We can help you deliver worship experiences to church attendees by creating a contemporary and engaging worship facility.

Sound Design & Installation

Combining vocal clarity with precision speech and high quality musical performance, we provide you with high-impact sound systems to help you deliver the message effectively. We make sure that the audio from the sound system installed is crystal clear and distinct so that.

Stage / Theatrical Lighting

We are a team of professionals lighting designers who work closely with you to craft the perfect and flexible lighting system. We provide you with lighting that enrich the ambience of your worship facility by adding dimension, color, character and depth.

Multimedia & Video

To increase engagement and for active participation of worshippers, we offer you high definition video cameras and projection systems custom designed to suit your ministry requirements. These systems allow you to deliver your message.

Acoustical Design & Consulting

Our team of architect and engineers work together with you to build your church acoustics according to the style of your worship. Our goal is to create an environment that offers excellent vocal clarity without any dead spots, latent echoes and hollow spaces.


  • We do business with Gen for over 15 year. They did our system design and installation, and servicing through the years. His services are exceptional, he giving us professional advises and always helping us.  We enjoy working with his team.  They helped us save a lots of money and we are grateful for relationship we’ve established with Right Choice Pro Audio and Lighting. We highly recommend this company.

    Nick – Audio engineer
    Missionary Gospel Church, Fair Oaks, CA
  • Our church needed to buy and install audio system. Gen helped us to create required professional solutions.

    Catolic chuch

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